La fin

Everyone’s getting up to board, we will be too soon.

The final leg is nearly over, after missing the original flight to Darwin, Flippa and I spent the day in a hotel room. Caught in a kind of limbo in two senses: not yet home, but no longer in France; but also in between asleep and awake, exhausted but over-excited.

Mostly I am over the moon at the prospect of seeing my family in under 5 hours. Of seeing my friends the day after. Of being home, in the town and country I’ve come to appreciate from afar. Of going back to everything I know and love.

But I’m also incredibly sad at the prospect of leaving France, of leaving my family who came to be a second family for me, of leaving friends with whom I’ve become very close, of leaving a town and a country which became for me a second home. Of having finished the adventure of a lifetime.

But I know I’ll go back, back to my second family, my second home, my friends.

And adventure is never really over. Life never fails to provide adventures, as we was proved this morning when we encountered just another hiccough.

From this end of the tunnel, every inch of me is more than glad that I made the leap and went on exchange. If you can and want to – do it. Take the leap, it’s nearly always worth it in the end.


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