Bonne Année

Happy New Year!

One week ago I was receiving Happy New Year messages from Australian friends and family, and couldn’t help but wonder when time grew pelagornis sandersi wings. How could I have less than a month left? How can I have, today, only 2.5 weeks left! It fills me with both an enormous amount of excitement – seeing my family, my friends, my Darwin, my Darwin life, for the first time in five months makes me nothing but overjoyed. But at the same time, over these past (almost) five months I have developed a life here, a family, friends, habits, I have fallen in love with my town, with Lyon and with France. I know I will miss them all. Especially my family.

But back to New Year’s Eve…

The afternoon I went to Grand Parc Miribel Jonage with Dom, and we went for a lovely walk there. It looked very different to the last time, so much more harsh and ‘wintery’, the kind of place I’d expect a good old heart chilling detective story to take place.

ny blog post-1

We weren’t sure where we were, but that was part of the adventure.

ny blog post-2

We saw far more birds than we did people (less than 15 in an hour), which only helped to make the hour or so wonderfully serene.  ny blog post-3 ny blog post-4

The sun was almost gone when we got back to the car, noses cold, but hearts warm as always after immersing ourselves in nature.

ny blog post-5

That evening we went to friends of my host parents’ house. We ate four courses over two hours – chips, nuts and champagne; foie gras with jam; salmon and leek tart; finishing with an ice cream and sorbet cake.

At midnight we wished everyone Happy New Year, including cheek kisses, and then, a bit sadly, we all pulled out our phones and tapped away…I mean sure we all have loved ones who are elsewhere…but what happened to making the most of the company you’ve got? I’m as guilty as the next.

The phones were eventually put away, and we spent the next four hours playing board games! Jungle Speed, Pictionary, and Brainstorm. It was great fun, we had a great laugh, and it was a great way to start what I hope is and what looks to be the greatest year yet!

Happy New Year! I hope yours is also the best yet. Or at least one of the best.


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