More than a month after the event, I bring you the photos of my second day in Lyon with Flippa during the school holidays, mixed with a few from the first in order to make a nice little review of Lyon. Enjoy

autumn leaves on building side-1

I now feel qualified to say that Lyon deserves a visit.

majestic old streetlights-1
It’s a city brimming with culture, food, and history. Whilst I wouldn’t give it the 3 Michellin star worth-a-specially-dedicated-trip, I will say that if you ever have the chance; take it.

me roman ruins-2Lyon is thought of by many as THE gastronomic capital of France. The food is hearty, and the city too. I’m lead to believe it’s full of great restaurants, and my experiences so far have been diverse and delicious. From the bouchons to the crêperies, the boulangeries to the cafés, the glaceries to the épiceries. What’s not to love?

pain au chocolat saone river-2

Pain au Chocolat by the Saône anyone?

Brasserie des Écoles-5

Flippa was brave and went for the Steak Tartare, and it payed off!

Brasserie des Écoles-3

moi, crepe et rue st jean-1

Chocolate crêpe in the street!

Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-198

The flower shape of the ice cream was too tempting

Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-212 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-209

There is one thing Lyon boasts that very few others do: traboules! Traboules are passageways that cut through houses, or whole building blocks. They’re dark, cool tunnels with smooth, Gothic roofs; but also include the courtyards and staircases with amazing skyward views, and beautifully coloured and textured buildings. They were built for the people of Lyon to access the Saône river for water around the 4th Century, before the luxurious and lazy days of running water, and allowed the silk workers to run between their workshops and the merchants’ shops. Given the time of their creation, the traboules are found in the old areas of Lyon, nearly all of them are either in Vieux Lyon or La Croix Rousse. In World War Two they were also used to move from one dwelling to another without being seen by the enemy.

traboule staircase-1 la longue traboule-3 The thing about the traboules is that they’re very hard to find. Only a few of them are open to the public, one of which is La Longue Traboule, found between 27 rue du Boeuf and 54 rue Saint-Jean. However many of the others are now shut, as they are passages through still-inhabited apartment blocks.

Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-242 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-239

We pushed and pulled a lot of locked doors before finding ones that were open. It doesn’t help that what exactly defines a traboule is a bit hazy. But we had fun trying to follow the map of blue dots.

And thanks to our adventure we found an amazingly beautiful street in the Croix Rousse. It’s called Montée de la Grande Côte and if you’re ever in Lyon, go there.

la croix rousse-4

The view of La Croix Rousse and La Fourviere from the street

montee de la grande cote-1 montee de la cote street-1

The other street which is a must-visit is Rue Saint-Jean. It’s home to many bustling bouchons, more cute boutiques that I can count, the longest traboule in Lyon. It’s cobblestoned and pedestrian, just like Montée de la Grande Côte. And it opens out onto Place Saint-Jean, where we find the majestic Cathédrale Saint-Jean.

Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-165

One of the many gorgeous boutiques

Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-115

Cathédrale Saint-Jean

rue saint jean-2

Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-175


Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-202

Another very unique thing about Lyon, which is another must-see, is the Murals, or Murs Peints. The first we saw was Mur des Canuts, which was also the very first to be made. The goal was to brighten up the otherwise very bleak and ugly backside of a building. I think we can all agree they were very successful. Since the original painting in 1987, it has been updated according to the lives of the people in the painting, who are real inhabitants of the area!

mur des canuts-18

The second and last that I visited with Flippa was Mur des Lyonnais, which is another, smaller but still enormous mural, depicting famous Lyonnais standing on the balconies of apartments. They include Antoine Saint-Exupery, the Lumiere Brothers, and Saint Irenée (full list here).

me mur des lyonnais-4

There are several others, which include Mur des Écrivains, another massive mural dedicated to French authors and their books.

Lyon also has plenty of very classy graffiti, which adds so much interest and value to the average street. Here are two of my favourites:jellyfish graffiti-1 cherche encore street graffiti -1

As for some more history, Lyon is also home to Roman ruins:

me roman ruins-2Many beautiful churches, one of which is L’Église de Saint Paul tucked away in Vieux Lyon, another place I recommend visiting. eglise saint-paul-23

Don't you just love stain-glass windows

Don’t you just love stain-glass windows

And Lyon sports some spectacularly magnifique architecture:

Hotel de Ville Lyon-1 saone bridge-1 rue saint jean-2 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-301 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-291 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-226 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-3 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-71 Lyon outing with flippa 21.10.2014-82

Enjoy this quirky statue from La Croix Rousse, roller-skating like many other French.

roller skating like the rest of France

And, to finish, a nice little self-esteem booster found next to the Saône:i <3 myself-1


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