Too Short are the Weekends

This weekend passed in a flash. The time between my usual Saturday morning breakfast pain au chocolat and the usual Sunday evening diner devant la télé went faster than milk (pasteurised before you see it).

Nonetheless, it was a good one. As per usual, both Saturday and Sunday morning I went to the pool. Saturday with a friend from school, Oriane. Sunday with Dom and Nicole.

The best bit was my Saturday afternoon/evening spent with a different friend from school and her family. We walked a lot, like last time, which I love. Destination: Le Parc de la Tête d’Or (named after a gold mask found on the grounds during the creation of the park) to see an exposition on the Japanese art of flower arrangement (Ikebana).



It was fantastic, the symbolism in the works was fascinating



although I don’t think I always quite understood it.

10439608_625716807550337_451292027_nIt was nearly all done with chrysanthemums because they are in season and part of the philosophy of Ikebana is to use the flowers of the moment.


10501366_625716810883670_1452471862_n 10751678_625716874216997_1966518196_n

When it comes to Le Parc de la Tête d’Or, there is no such thing as a bad or boring path. So many trees, gardens, green spaces, so much nature, it’s beautiful.

We moved on to the greenhouses, the first of which was arid regions, which, of course involved cacti, which, of course meant we had to poke at least a few10805338_625716867550331_939059171_n 10733543_625716864216998_1419104928_n 10755049_625716844217000_1984753006_n 10799594_625716790883672_531049106_n

The next was very tropical and reminded me dearly of Darwin just after a great monsoonal downpour, as did the third and final one. It even had a palm tree with a plaque specifying it was from the Northern Territory of Australia! We saw all sorts of plants that are so normal to me and so exotic to them. It’s the inverse when it comes to anything majorly deciduous, or pine trees.


Next on the agenda was crêpes au sucre which were delish! We ate them wandering towards the flamingos and pelicans, and finished them in passing the ducks (that’s not a metaphor by the way).

We meandered our way back to the car, parked at their cousin’s house, and there ends my magical night out, although the magical night didn’t end there, dinner was a fantastic affair of laughter and jokes. As per usual. 😊


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