Bac Blanc Français

Bac Blanc is a nice way of saying 3-4 hours stuck in a silent room. With a French exam to complete sitting in front of you. It’s a practice exam for the end of this year, when my classmates will sit a similar thing again, only it won’t be blanc it’ll be for real.

We were given a corpus – three extracts from plays and a photo (and description) of a play.

The first part was Question sur le Corpus, in which we had to compare the sibling conflicts in the four documents.

The second part was a either écriture invention or commentaire. Commentaire was a commentary on one of the texts. Écriture Invention was inventing a minimum 2 page dialogue of sibling conflict between three siblings (the three in the picture and description).

3.5 hours after the beginning I walked out the door of Salle C101 feeling much better than I had when I walked in. I had survived for one thing. I did the best I could, and no one can ask more than that.

I had a few moments of panic when the teacher (who doesn’t normally teach us) trying to get me to put my French-English dictionary away, luckily a friends came to the rescue quickly and explained to her why I needed it, and she left me alone…with my dictionary.

I’d like to give a shoutout to Collins Dictionaries for the little book that saved me in that exam. Thanks guys (not really sure why I linked that, but anyway, there it is, my first hyperlink)!

In other news, today it was 2 degrees…


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