Les (trop petits) Vacances

After 6 (and a half) weeks of school, I had 2 weeks of vacances! They were, in that there was no more school for two weeks, very welcome. They were not welcome in that I was sure I would go stir crazy with boredom because I had no plans whatsoever. I missed my friends in Darwin desperately, and the action-packed life I have there.

What came to fruition, however, was not two weeks of almost unlivable boredom, but two fantastic weeks that still make me grin.

Monday was reserved for the very emotionally draining Skype call with my family. I should note that whilst they are emotionally draining, I do not regret these (occasional) Skypes. They are necessary for all of us (perhaps especially me) to survive, being the family that we are.

That evening my week suddenly looked very busy: Flippa was coming to stay tomorrow until Thursday afternoon; Thursday afternoon I was going out with a friend from school and her family; Saturday I was going to une foire du vin with my family. I knew everything was going to be alright, as always.

Tuesday arrived, and so did Flippa! We spent the day, and the next, exploring Lyon together, like holiday-ing university students. It was fantastic, and I have over 1000 photos with which to return to those magical days. There aren’t many days we really want to distill and keep in a snow globe; but that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday belong to that collection. Okay, they weren’t totally perfect, but they were damn close.

The photos from Flippa and my Lyon outings are coming soon in another post, but for now, here are the photos from my outing with my school friend.

The middle weekend I went to a Wine Fair with Dom, Audran and Romain. I was actually allowed to taste the wines there. But don’t worry, I didn’t actually drink any wine, the method for each wine includes spitting everything out at the end, very elegantly of course … Some of the wines I actually liked the taste of, particularly the whites, although my favourite tasting was that of the Jus de Raisin (sans alcool).  Afterwards we met Nicole at a large restaurant perfect for carnivores. It was basically a steakhouse, and the servings were ENORMOUS! The funniest thing is, is that for me the gratin dauphinois was the star of the show. It  had a perfect balance between creaminess, potato-y-ness, and gratin-y-ness on the top.

The Sunday afternoon Nicole, Dom and I went to le Parc de la Tête d’Or. It’s a massive park in Lyon, with a zoo, a lake, green open spaces, and beautiful gardens. There I took several hundred photos, which are to come in another post (not quite all several hundred).

The second week was more chilled, in both sense of the word actually. I did my homework, read, read french food blogs :), went to classes at the gym (pilates, stretching, cross gym), walked\ran\rode my bike, visited the market of a neighbouring town, and went shopping with Nicole.

Last weekend, despite the devastating fact of the end of school holidays, was a good one. On Sunday I went to the pool with Dom as per usual, and that afternoon to GrandParc Miribel Jonage, also with Dom. We spent a few hours walking around the small lakes there. It was magnificent, almost totally wild, sunny, very beautiful, serene, and picturesque. I took a couple hundred more photos, the best of which are to also to come.

All in all, two great weeks.




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