Ça Fait Un Mois

That makes one month. Tuesday 30th September, made exactly one month since I arrived in Genas.

It has flown by, but it also feels like aeeeeooonnns ago that I was shyly greeting my host family for the first time. They’re not really a host family anymore, they’re just family. They’re my family, and everyday I can’t wait to get home from school because the best thing, by far, about this exchange is my family. Just like my family in Darwin, they’re one big, comforting safety net, and support system. One that I am so grateful for.

In one month my French has, I think, improved out of sight. Though I find it hard to tell because it is a gradual thing and I’m around it everyday. However, once in a while I think about my level of comprehension and language ability and realise that I understand the vast majority of everything in my classes; if I listen properly to the radio I can understand the news readers; I’m much more comfortable speaking, and I don’t over analyse everything I plan to say anymore;  I managed to stumble my way through Marivaux’s Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard (1730), and I thoroughly enjoying Le Petit Prince; and I find that, more and more, the answer to the question “tu as compris?” is yes.

sans titre-80

The roller coaster continues, but the average altitude has risen dramatically. There are times when I miss family, friends, Darwin and everything about that life more than others, but it stopped being a physical caterpillar in my stomach around the 2.5 weeks mark (I think). At school the thing I miss most is my amazing support network of friends, but that also makes me all the more grateful for the amazing support network of my host family (and everyone back home).

I have: been for runs, walks, a bike ride, swims; had three dinners with friends\neighbours of my family; made one visit to Lyon; visited an Old Car Expo in the town square; done 4 weeks of year 11 in France; been to a Medieval Festival; regularly been to Ferme Beraud with Nicole to buy veggies; visited two different shopping centres\zone (once each); cooked a pavlova, banana bread, and satay chicken (and helped cook many other meals); taken over 1200 photos; and more.


One thought on “Ça Fait Un Mois

  1. Paul Spain says:

    Hey Bex, ca fait merveilleuse! Very happy that you’re over the hump with the language and connectedness. The connection between the two is not surprising. A book that changed my life is called “Happiness”, by a French Buddhist monk named Mathieu Ricard. He has had a fascinating life, hanging with the heavy-hitters in arts and science before becoming a monk. The book is full of wisdom, and describes some of the scientific research into happiness. One point from the book is our fundamental resilience. People experiencing major trauma, such as loss of limbs, sight, paraplegia, and so on, typically report a return to normal levels of happiness in a surprisingly short timespan.
    Take care Bex – loving the photos and the stories xx


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