The Little Things in Life

Here is a list of the little things I love in my new life:

There’s the early morning walk to the bus stop, just as the sun is rising, and the fields are streaked with golden light, and evaporating mist.

la marche à l'arrêt du bus-216

There’s the wooden shutters that each window has, that I push open every morning, to smell the fresh, morning air. And the windows that open fully, and let in a perfect cool breeze, and fresh air.

25 rue dian fossey-106

25 rue dian fossey-17

There’s the tranquility of the street, not many cars, mostly just bird calls and the sounds of peaceful domestic lives.

There’s the horses in the field behind the house, who I love to watch just peacefully graze with apparently no care in the world.

la marche à l'arrêt du bus-221

There’s the bread that Nicole makes most days, that tastes better than any bought bread I’ve ever had, and is made with tournesol flour, and has the crusty, floury appearance.

sans titre-159

sans titre-158

There’s the view out of the front of the house, which I could spend hours just watching (the photo does not do it justice at all).

25 Rue Dian Fossey-1 - copie

There’s the permanent crispness, and freshness of the air (except around the smokers).

There’s the walking and cycling paths in every direction – through the streets, through the fields, or both; whatever your preference. And the walks\run that I have taken on these paths. And the walks\runs\bike rides that I plan to take.

There’s the vast and varied array of people on the tram each morning – students and commuters. I’ve seen a rollerblader; fold-up scooters; many an interesting outfit; many an interesting-looking book (including Divergent in English, which surprised me); and soon I suspect I’ll find many an interesting conversation, but as yet the French is just like white noise to me.

And last, but by far the best, my Host Family. They are fantastic, I love them, and they are the best thing about my exchange. I couldn’t do this without them.

These are few of my favourite things…


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