Une Semaine

Yesterday made a week exactly in Genas. It has been a great week, and a hard week, and a wonderful week, and a roller coaster week, and a very new week. I have not loved every minute of it, but I do not regret it. And I have enjoyed many many parts of it.

To celebrate, we went to dinner  in Lyon and also for wander around the central areas of Lyon. It is a very beautiful city, and very old. We saw at least three beautiful, old churches. A lot of the streets were cobblestones! There are two rivers that run through the city of Lyon, the Saône and the Rhône. We crossed the Saône to get to dinner, using an amazing suspension bridge. The sunset, the pink sky, the old building on the rising hill in front of us, the apartment buildings with their beautiful, quaint façades, the narrow, cobblestone, pedestrian-only streets with shops, bars, bouchons lyonnais, and cafés on either side, most spilling onto the street. 

We started with drinks at a bar on one side of the river. We sat near the window and could see out onto the beautiful streets.The only down side was that the smokers all sat just outside the window.

We crossed the river to have dinner, after a lovely promenade among the streets of Lyon. We ate at a bouchon lyonnais, which is a type of restaurant found only in Lyon. The food was tasty (but also very heavy and quite fatty), and the very kind waiter explained slowly and clearly to me what he recommended for each course. I ended up, at the recommendation of the waiter and my host parents, saucission chaud avec lentils compotées; a duck pate cake-thing with tomato sauce and white rice; and tarte à la praline to finish. It was a fine night, brought to a close by a leisurely meander back to the car.

I fell asleep almost straight away in the car, and then in my bed. Totally knackered (it was midnight after all).

Much love,


PS I’m sorry for the lack of photos, the next post is going to be filled with them


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