Abu Dhabi à Paris

I have been ruined; Etihad is probably the classiest airline I’ve ever been on. They gave us hot face towels, blankets, socks, sleeping masks, and metal cutlery for our tasty – yes, tasty – dinners! And of course, the inflight entertainment was fabulous – both the screens and the 5 cute, young children sitting near us.

Perth to Abu Dhabi -20

We have been travelling for 24 hours now, and either Flippa or I have been picked up for testing at each security check.

At present, I’m sitting in the Gate 33 Departure Lounge of Abu Dhabi International Airport, awaiting 1.30am, so we can board our final flight. To France. To Paris. Less than an hour to go. 9 hours and we’ll be en La Belle France.

There are three things that stand out to me about Abu Dhabi airport: it’s very multicultural; it’s humongous; indoor palm trees.

Happily, I have the window seat on the next flight: best seat in the house for our morning descent into Paris.



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