A Totally New Adventure


DRW tarmac


I left Darwin as the sun rose. How poetic, a new day, and a totally new adventure. One that has been in the pipeline for the past 8 months. It seemed a long time coming then, but the last few weeks went in a flash. Thank you to everyone who made them so memorable.

I am glad to have a companion, Flippa, for my first international travel stint sans parent(s).


5 months in France. A new country, a new culture and new people. I am so excited! There’s also a niggling feeling of angst that I’m successfully suppressing. A lot of unknowns and a lot of potential disasters. But for every potential disaster there are two potential wonderful adventures. So that’s what this is going to be!


DRW Surise


See you in 154 days!



4 thoughts on “A Totally New Adventure

  1. jane says:

    Dear Bec, Hoping you have a great exchange experience. The residents of Chez Spandock are very excited for you. The three French speakers are looking forward to practising their language skills on you; me, I’ll be sticking to English! Best wishes, Jane.


    • Becky says:

      Pardon, j’ai pensé que si j’écris en anglais, il sera plus facile pour ma famille et mes amis à comprendre et aussi pour moi d’exprimer mes sentiments.


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